Review Galaxy Z Fold4- What Are The Standout Features?

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Samsung’s new product- Galaxy Z Fold4 is probably the name that is receiving the most attention today. Thanks to its large screen and compact folding mode, you can easily take it with you anywhere. Along with that is a performance upgrade capable of handling all tasks well. So what are the most outstanding features of the Galaxy Z Fold4? Explore with now!


  • RAM: 12
  • Screen: Dynamic AMOLED 2X
  • Rear camera: 50 MP & 12 MP
  • Front Camera: 10 MP & 4 MP
  • Internal memory: 256 GB
  • Operating system: Android 12
  • The battery: 4400 mAh

Outstanding Features of Galaxy Z Fold4


Galaxy Z Fold4 possesses an appearance quite similar to a tablet with a modern folding mechanism, allowing users to customize and change the device into a smartphone or tablet flexibly depending on their needs. Despite having a much larger overall size when unfolded, thanks to reasonable structural tweaks and the use of ultra-light materials, the product reduces the weight to approximately the same level as a regular smartphone.

The frame and hinge of the Galaxy Z Fold4 are made of high-quality Armor Aluminum, which is both lightweight and durable, helping the device to withstand pressure in some situations when an unfortunate collision occurs. Besides, the metallic character on Armor Aluminum also helps the device become more shiny and eye-catching, contributing to a luxurious high-end appearance when held in the hand. The product is available in ultra-luxury color options including Titanium Blue, Phantom Black and Metallic Cream.

Outstanding Features of Galaxy Z Fold4

Camera Quality

Galaxy Z Fold4 is integrated with 3 rear cameras with the main camera of 50MP resolution, a 12MP ultra-wide-angle camera and a 10MP telephoto sensor. With high-definition image quality, Galaxy Z Fold4 can become a “genuine” camera phone to capture beautiful moments around you. In addition, this camera cluster is also equipped with many attractive features such as: super wide angle, 3X optical zoom or standard space zoom up to 30 times.

Galaxy Z Fold4 can also act as a convenient camera for reporters or vloggers. Inside the large screen will be a 4MP hidden camera so users can both use the device for work and can video calls with friends. Moreover, in the secondary screen is also added a 10MP camera to make snapping tasks easier whether the device is folded or not. Samsung also gives the Galaxy Z Fold4 a Nightography mode that takes night shots with extremely detailed and sharp frames.


Galaxy Z Fold4 is equipped with a Dynamic AMOLED 2X panel, for the ability to reproduce vivid colors or deep blacks to help users experience content in the most authentic way. No matter what angle you look at the camera from, the image will not change too much. The internal screen of Galaxy Z Fold4 after fully opened will have a total size of up to 7.6 inches, both helping to make work more convenient and giving users an endless entertainment space on blockbuster movies. or high graphics game.


The secondary screen of the device has a size of 6.2 inches which makes it easy to use common tasks without opening the phone. Because it is equipped with two screens both front and back, this can be considered a huge advantage compared to flagships with one screen from many other brands on the market. Thanks to these two screens, all operations on the device take place smoothly and using the device outdoors is easier because the content is clearly displayed even in high-brightness environments.

Support fast charging technology

Galaxy Z Fold4 is equipped with a dual battery with a capacity of 4400 mAh, for all-day use for basic tasks such as texting, calling or listening to music. In addition, Samsung also supports the Galaxy Z Fold4 with 25W fast charging technology, you can also share the battery in the device through other supported devices through the wireless battery sharing feature.


On the taskbar below, Galaxy Z Fold4 supports quickly on / off applications to help users make full use of the large display space of the phone. The App Pair feature lets you launch up to three apps in a single tap. The entire OneUI interface is built to take advantage of all the strengths of unique styling and impressive performance from the world’s leading processors. With Galaxy Z Fold4, you’re pocketing a neat PC to check messages, check mail, play games and do whatever you want.

Great performance

Powering the Galaxy Z Fold4 is the newly launched Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip, which is crafted on the world’s most powerful 4nm process and has won the hearts of the global technology user community. Thanks to the high performance, now all tasks from entertainment to gaming or your work conversation are handled easily by the machine.

Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip


In general, the Galaxy Z Fold4 will be a name not to be missed for those of you who love novelty and want to change the way you normally use smartphones. With many leading technologies from camera to performance, Galaxy Z Fold4 promises to help you comfortably fight games or unleash high-quality photography. Practical improvements in every aspect make products more flexible and deliver experiences that can’t be found elsewhere.

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