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What is a network management tool? 6 Best Tools

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Network management is the process of monitoring and maintaining computer networks. This field provides services such as incident analysis, performance management, network setup, and service level maintenance. Network administrators use network management tools to make these tasks easier. In this post, we will discuss “what is a network management tool”. There is also a list of top 6 tools you can use in 2022, like open source network manager, enterprise network manager, and free network management tools, so don’t stop reading.

What Is A Network Management Tool?

Network management tools connect all network hardware, including computers, hard drives, printers, and even phone systems, enabling efficient communication between all devices.

The network serves as the critical infrastructure foundation of a modern business. To stay online, it links many active sites, tools, and systems. Networking is key to developing applications, virtual collaboration, and your web-based corporate presence.

To stay connected, a network management and monitoring tool uses interactive maps to visualize network architecture, monitor critical parameters in real time, and generate ad-hoc and follow-up reports schedule.

5 Best Network Management Tools

1. Shinobi

For remote management and monitoring, NinjaOne is the best choice.

NinjaOne Network Management Software (NMS)

MSPs and IT departments can use it as a single platform for remote monitoring and management.

NinjaOne is a cloud-based platform for remote monitoring and management that provides endpoint management, patch management, backups, service desk, remote access, IT documentation, deployment software declaration, etc.

It offers effective yet simple tools. Your managed environment is completely visible thanks to it.

2. SolarWinds

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

Both large and small networks spread across different regions of the world can benefit from SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor . Solarwinds is the most famous company in this field. Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor is a complete tool that shows you everything about your network.

By quickly locating and fixing problems, its scalability ensures continuous network operation. Both wired and wireless networks are supported, and the program automatically identifies key performance metrics for each network.

3. WhatsUp Gold Progress

WhatsUp Gold Network Management Tool

It works best for medium to large on-premises and cloud networks. The latest G2 Grid report, which earned a total of 8 honors, named this network management software an industry leader.

In addition, it provides a complete picture of the IT infrastructure, including various network devices, software, cloud servers, LANs and WANs.

Its 2021 version has syslog, Windows even monitoring and alert logs, and built-in management capabilities. It’s simpler to display tracking data across multiple networks with improved reporting indicators.


PRTG Network Monitor


To monitor all medium to large scale infrastructure systems, devices, traffic and applications, Paessler PRTG Network Monitor is the best choice.

Using PRTG Network Monitor, ensure that network managers have complete visibility into all operational and technical elements.

This network monitoring tool uses several protocols to monitor the complete IT infrastructure, including secure shell protocol, Windows Management Engine, basic network management protocol, and packet sniffing.

5. Datadog

Datadog Network Performance Monitoring

The best network performance monitor for any size of cloud, application, and network is Datadog. Gartner Magic Quadrant 2021 for application performance monitoring recognizes Datadog network management software as the leader.

To sum up performance and interdependencies, it provides an extremely detailed view of multi-cloud network flows. This tool further examines network patterns to improve performance and reduce costs, in addition to simply revealing them.

6. Zabbix

Zabbix Network monitoring

This is ideal for monitoring all devices on large scale networks and SMBs (small and medium businesses).

Zabbix stands out because it is free and open source software. With advanced capabilities such as high availability, distributed monitoring, cloud, and on-premises networking, it enables enterprise-grade monitoring as a free platform.

It gathers a wide range of measurements from all network components, including servers, virtual machines, wireless networks, clouds, etc.

Open Source Network Management Tool

Organizations seeking flexibility for a “made for you” experience can benefit from the increased visibility and customization options offered by open source network management tools. When a tool is open source, any developer can test it and change the code however they see fit.

 Here is a list of the top 5 open source network management tools:

  • Zabbix Editors’ Choice: The perfect harmony of open source support, flexibility, and simplicity of use.
  • Icinga’s excellent documentation and API.
  • Prometheus generates insights and presents data in a powerful query language.
  • Both free and open source network monitoring technologies are available through Nagios.
  • Cactus is highly adaptable and great for big data operations

Enterprise Network Management Tool

The combined task of system and network administrators is known as “enterprise network management tools”. Enterprise network management tools help ensure that networks and systems provide the necessary services to users and other systems while maintaining security.

Managers respond to these messages by taking one or more actions, such as alerting operators, logging events, shutting down the system, and taking proactive measures to repair the system. .

Automatically or on demand by the user, it verifies the values ​​of specific variables, manages polls of entities and stations.

Cisco Network Management Tools

What Is A Network Management Tool? Cisco

Cisco management is essential in today’s network environment, where Cisco equipment not only dominates, but also plays an important role.

Business-critical applications are hosted on Cisco servers, and the list goes on to include Cisco routers to route business-critical traffic across your network infrastructure and firewalls. Cisco for use as an entry point security system.

Furthermore, Cisco hardware processes and transmits thousands of dollars worth of data every minute globally.

Additionally, businesses must maximize every dollar spent on their Cisco IT infrastructure, which makes Cisco management an important part of network monitoring and management policies.

Free Network Management Tool

  • Solarwind ipMonitor Free Edition is a server and network monitor that can automatically identify every element of your network and monitor it.
  • PTG Network Monitor by Paessler (FREE TRIAL) is an all-in-one sensor-based network, server and application monitor. The instrument can be modified by selecting which sensor to activate. One of the most impressive features is that it is one of the free network management tools.
  • Free server monitoring at Site24x7 (FREE EDITION), Site24x7 Infrastructure plan in condensed form, includes only uptime monitoring. They host this service in the cloud.
  • OpManager ManageEngine (FREE TRIAL) is a collection of server and network monitoring services with both free and paid options. installed on Linux and Windows Server.
  • Zabbix is ​​a Linux based free infrastructure watchdog and also one of the free network management tools
  • Nagios Core is an infrastructure monitor that community-generated extensions can enhance. Nagios Core is one of the free network management tools.
  • Icinga is a fork of Nagios Core that offers a free network monitor. Nagios plugins can improve this.


With “what is a network management tool” article above. We understand network management tools are important for identifying servers and other devices that are not functioning properly and can open up security holes more easily with the help of network management tools.

I believe the list of top 6 tools you can use in 2022, like open source network manager, enterprise network manager, and free network management tools mentioned in this article is informative notify you.

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